Find Your Nest is first of all

a friendship, a common passion & love for our country

Find Your Nest: Our story

our story


A common passion

We first met during our studies at University in Brussels and then later in London where our friendship grew. We were both starting a Graduate program: Anne-Catherine in Hotel Revenue Management for the InterContinental Hotel Group and Marie in General Management for Eurostar. 

Very quickly we discovered we shared similar dreams around travel and hotel concepts.  This common passion for conviviality, and search for refinement and authenticity raised our hope to one day become part of the  “art of living” industry.

A gap in the market

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic put the world on hold. All sectors have been impacted with the tourism industry more so than others. We realised that travelling abroad would be limited for a while and that the world would have to travel more locally, within the Belgium borders.

Where might one travel to? And what is there to do? Where are Belgium’s hidden gems? And most importantly, how do I search for them?

Our project

Our research to find the rare gems of our country has revealed the wonderful beauty of authentic places, too often unknown. 

This is how  “Find Your Nest”  was born, an online platform linked to an Instagram account collecting the finest “Nests” Belgium has to offer, that deserve all our attention both nationally but also internationally. 

It’s out of love for our country, and the search for refinement and authenticity that we are discovering  the “hidden gems” of Belgium and building  a genuinely curated selection of independent hotels .

Christian Bobin very well expressed the need to open your eyes to what is around you.

“The end of the world and the bottom of the garden contain the same amount of wonders”
“Le bout du monde et le fond du jardin contiennent la même quantité de merveilles” 

A bit more about us

Company team



Masters in Economics (ICHEC, Brussels Management School) 

Hospitality Management (GLION, Switzerland)


Pace startup in Revenue management for international independent hotels, London

Intercontinental Hotel Group, Revenue Management, London 

Le Pain Quotidien, Operations and Marketing, Belgium 


Conviviality, Hôtels and Restaurants, Cuisine, Concepts 

Love for food retail healthy and of high quality, 

Sport & Nature

Company team



Masters in Business Engineering (ICHEC, Brussels Management School


Eurostar International Ltd in  Project & Product Development Manager Customer Experience, London
BNP Cardif, Research analyst intern, Santiago, Chile
Uber, Operation coordinator, Brussels

Engie, Innovation and marketing, Belgium


Conviviality, travel planning

Sport, Nutrition, health and wellness

Nature, Environment