Romantic glamping getaway into belgian nature

Between architecture and wildlife, Stay ici offers you an extraordinary experience in the trees. At Stay ici, we live at the rhythm of nature




After carefully following the signs to Stay Ici from the village of Humain, we finally arrived. Welcomed by Tim, one of the co-founders of the place, we discovered the place by walking on the forest path. It is in the middle of nature in a 12 hectare domain that the 6 unusual nests of Stay Ici are hidden. Integrated in their environment, at Stay Ici we live in harmony with the birds, the sun and the seasons: there is no rush and everything else can wait. The "Stay Ici" experience is about taking the time to take your time. 


Stay ici offers six nests: two glass cubes, two flying fermettes and two towers.

The two cubes are perched in the trees. They are accessible via a retractable staircase, which you will climb to reach your final destination - beware of vertigo! All built of glass, you will discover wildlife from the treetops, like a bird in its nest. 
Like all the other accommodations on the estate, the cube is equipped with a wood stove that also serves as a plancha for cooking, a sink, a table, and armchairs for relaxing. There is also a comfortable dry toilet and a shower with lovely coloured tiles. Tucked away on the mezzanine, a cosy bed awaits you. And best of all, a roof terrace that touches the treetops and offers a real immersion in the woods and an amazing view.

As for the flying fermette, it is all built of wood except for 2 lateral sides offering a beautiful light and view into the small dwelling. As in each of the dwellings, the decoration is in Scandinavian style: cozy, a little Hygge that invites cocooning. The fermette has the advantage of being able to accommodate up to 4 people. Finally the tower, built on 3 levels, is the most designed of the 3 types of accommodation. It also has a panoramic terrace on its roof. The tower can accommodate up to 6 people.

THE service

If you wish, a breakfast is available as an option at 15€. It will be delivered in the morning at the entrance of the domain. As for dinner, you are free to cook or to go to the restaurant. Rochefort is 7 km away and Marche-en-Famenne is 10 km away. But the idea of Stay Ici is to invite you to take your time and enjoy the place and its extraordinary setting.  Why not take the time to cook together on the wood stove?


It's Tim, the co-founder of Stay Ici who kindly showed us around. The idea of creating unusual accommodations in Belgium is not new, he has been thinking about it for a few years. It is while travelling abroad, on a Colombian island, that he realized the beneficial impact of an unusual experience in the middle of nature where you take your time and live in harmony with nature. After a long search for the ideal location, Tim was finally able to realize his ambitious project together with  Toon Haverals and helped by some Architect firms: Hogerhuis and Homiez . We salute the result, an unusual, almost magical place that allows us to stop and live the present moment. Stay Ici opened its doors on June 8th, an opening slightly delayed by the pandemic. 


When you offer such a unique experience so close to nature, it seems obvious to us to respect the surrounding environment. 

Tim and his team are sensitive to their environmental impact. You will find a super comfortable dry toilet. The care products are from the 100% natural cosmetics brand "STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME". The cleaning products are also environmentally friendly. A green energy supply option is also being investigated. Finally, a future greenhouse project where herbs will be grown is also under consideration.

THE little extra    

You are in your bubble in complete intimacy and harmony with the surrounding nature.

The calm! Only interrupted by the melodious song of the birds. Terraces in the treetops

In addition, the region offers a rich and varied heritage. There is something for everyone: GR, cycling routes, Rochefort and its Trappist beer is only 7 km away and Marche-en-famenne is 10 km away.


200€ during the week and 250€ at the weekend (15€ for the breakfast)

Number of rooms

Cube: 2 people, Flying Fermette: up to 4 people Tower: up to 6 people


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Ps: Do not hesitate to let the host know you are coming from us!


The region has a rich and varied heritage. There is something for everyone: GR, cycling routes, Rochefort and its Trappist beer are only 7km away and Marche-en-famenne is 10km away

Where and when

 Near the village of Humain

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 Open all year long 


A car is your best option, or bicycle for the sportsmen